Do you know the word Google is the result of error?

New York: Do you know that the world’s largest Internet search engine Google’s name is  result of a mistake. When and how did Google make? There are much information available on the Internet about this, however, authentic and factual information, Sahib, David Cooler, described in a brief memorandum. They write that there are many irrelative and wrong information is available on the internet related the name of Google. In September 1997, Larry Page and Sergey Buren, California’s Stanford University students, invented a new search engine that worked on a unique way. He used to sit in a room of computer science department in Stanford University with a few graduate students. One day he was busy in his thought that what he will gave the name of this new search engine. All the friends are thinking about this. Shoon and Larry both were busy to write the different names on the white board. Shoon proposed the name of googolplex Larry brief this name googol. When shoon wrote the name he wrongly types the name google. After some days Larry got domain and after this most popular internet search engine came on to exists. Google has celebrated its 19th birthday a few days ago. Google has introduced various games that are very interesting and full of colors.


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