Fuel Adjustment, power prices is dropped up to the 2.32 per unit

Islamabad; NEPRA approved declined the prices of power up to the 2.32 per unit; the price loss will be applied next month’s bills. During the hearing of monthly fuel adjustment in NEPRA, central power charring agency has been stressed that due to the decrease in oil prices in the month of October due to lack of oil prices, production of electricity from furnace oil was Rs 9.75 per unit, 4.63 rupees from local gas Electricity was generated in the unit and LNG at 7.87 per unit. CPA told to the NEPO Authority that total production of electricity was 10 billion 17 million last year and its cost remain up to 50 million 63 crore thus reducing the power prices in the case of monthly fuel adjustment. NEPRA reduce the prices of power. The power cuts will be applied on the next month bills.


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