Home remedy to make the teeth white and Shiny


Karachi; face is so important of the body and smiley face always attract the people toward us. Beautiful teeth play an important role in making the smile, but mostly people fail to clean teeth and save them from disease. There is a domestic prescription that can be made as white and shiny by using the dental without any medicine.


Turmeric: Two tea spots

Eating soda: Two tea spoon

Coconut oil: Twin spoon


Save turmeric, food soup and coconut oil well in a bottle. Use it to clean daily teeth for 15 days. Your teeth will be white and shiny like this.


If you want to see your teeth healthy, it is necessary to take care of them properly. It is important to clean teeth with tooth brush or finger at least twice a regular day. This habit will not only make your teeth healthy, but it will also be teeth white and shiny.



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