IHC shots down Capt (r) Safdar’s petition challenging indictment

The Islamabad High Court rejected a petition filed by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law Captain (R) Safdar challenging his indictment in corruption references filed by National Accountability Bureau. The accountability court has set a date for the October 13 to indict the accused in NAB references, Maryam Nawaz and his husband Muhammad Safdar. Mohammad Safdar filed an application in Islamabad High Court a day before the date of indictment. The stand was adopted in the petition that the Accountability Court has appointed a date to be indicted only after 4 days, but according to the law a person is given 7 days for the crime, so a person can be punished for 7 days before Article 265 C is infringement. The accountability court is hearing a total of three corruption cases against the Sharif family filed by NAB as instructed by the apex court in its July 28th judgment in Panama Papers.


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