Naseeruddin shah wants to play the negative role

Naseeruddin Shah is associated with the film world for 40 years and has shown the essence of acting in various cities of the world. He did not only make his career acting in a romantic journey, but has also performed many characters that have always been immortal. While interviewing an Indian website, he said he had always had a good role but he wanted to play a negative role. Naseer ur din shah has performed his role in 100 films. Despite from the Bollywood he has also performed his role in Bollywood, Tamil, Gujarati, Malayalam languages. According to him Negative role is more effective, but he did not do negative characters as they wanted.    He appeared in negative films in mirch masla and Bombay boys. Naseer ur di shah said that he likes such movies in which he played the negative role. Naseer ur din shah said that mostly I have the positive role. But now I wish that I played the negative role.



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