Parliament will have to play role in dealing with challenges, Raza Rabbani

Islamabad: senator Raza rabbani said that Parliament federal is the most important part of the Pakistan; parliament is the most important part. Parliament has to play the role to dealing with the external and internal challenges. During to address in the national press club, he said that today our society, state has passed away after passing 70 years, they cannot care the historical assets and what should we talk. We have forgotten all the important personalities. We have cut ourselves, our past and culture while the institutions were not strengthened and the rule of constitution was not allowed. Raza rabbani said that society has weak the three powerful pillars of society like student, labor, and intelligent people. He said that terrorists are producing in Universities, although its seeds were produced in Zia era. He said that parliament should play the important role in dealing with the national and international challenges. We need to overview the mistakes.



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