Shahrukh khan wants to become the host of program “big boss”

Mumbai: Bollywood king Shahrukh expressed his desire to become the host of famous reality show bog boss. Shahrukh khan is the famous superstar and he has won the hearts of people due to his fantastic style of humor. The Bollywood king will host the new program TED talk new version in hindi. Reality show big boss 11 is also on air on tv and Salman khan is hosting that program. at the beginning of tv show new think when the people ask to the Shahrukh khan whether he would like to host the program big boss. Shahrukh khan said that he has hosted many program but he does no has opportunity to host such a reality y show, if he get the opportunity then he will be happy to be host this program. However it depends on the compensation. He said that I am not excited for the other actors to host the program.


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