There is no need to raise the slogan for being a Muslim, spokesman Pak Army

Karachi: DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor says, “I Do not give the evidence to anyone that I am a Muslim because it is a case of Allah and me however there is no need to raise the slogan to being a Muslim. DGISPR said that I am fortunate that I have come to Karachi; I find the large number of women in this university I have ask from the VC about the large number of women. Firstly we talk about the radicalism; there are different types of radicalism. Western country and Indian are also radical but every radical is not the terrorism and every terrorist is not the radical. DGISPR general Ghafoor said that we have completed the operation with full responsibility. We eradicate the terrorism from the specific country and there is no shelter of terrorists in Pakistan.


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