World’s oldest 101-years old Sky diver


London; British soldiers and 101 years old Verdun Hayes jumped from the plane at an altitude of 15 thousand feet and demonstrated the float in to air. Then they came down to earth by parachute. They make the record of world’s sky driver, when Verdun Hayes did this amazing show in UK at the age of 101 years and 37 days. His name has registered in Guinness Book of World Records. Verdun Hayes has fought in World War 2 on various fronts. The purpose of sky dive is to collect the money for ‘Royal British Legion, which is the former British organization. He said that he wanted to do the sky diving at the age of 90. But few years ago his wife stopped him to do so. Earlier Armand made this record, who jumped from the height of 10 thousand feet in 2013, his age was 101 years and 3 days. Verdun Hayes not only set the new record by performing this job but also shames for all the youth who fear from positive adventures.


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