16 years old boy marries with the 71 years old woman in Indonesia

16 years old boy was not only love with the 71 years old woman from the age of 4 years, but he also proved his love he got marriage with this old aged woman. 16 years old Selamat Riayadi married with 71 years old Rohaya. Married couple said that both love to each other and they pressurize to their families that both of them would commit the suicide if they are agree for their marriage. it is no known that when they fall in love. Moreover the numbers of guests were limited. Uninvited guests were also come to see the married couple. There is 55 years difference between the groom and bride. Rohaya got the two marriages before it. She has 19 years old son and 75 years old brother. Both were not agree for this marriage. The video and pictures related this marriage has viral on social media and people are unable to believe it. However this marriage has actually done. Selamat gave the 1500 rupees to Rohaya.


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