2 years imprisonment has sentenced to famous Indian actor, Alka Kaushal

Mumbai: according to Indian media reports, Alka kaushal and her mother have been sentenced for two years for characters role in Bollywood. This sentenced from the Mumbai court in case of check bounce. It is clear that Alka kaushal played the role as a mother of Kareena kapoor in bajrangi bhaijaan and film Queen as a mother of kangana. According to Indian media, Alka kaushal and her mother took the loan of Rs 50 lakh from a farmer to make a drama. But she could not return the money within required limit. When the farmer demanded for his money then the actress gave him the checks of 25, 25 lakh. When he went to bank to cash this check then both the checks was bounce. Affected person had filed a case in court for the return of his money.


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