A person who daily takes a plane to work

Los Angeles: Most of people face the difficult to going to their office far away. But there is an engineer in the US, which is going to office through plane and returns to home from the plane at night it is require 6 hours. The Mechanical Engineer lives in Los Angeles, and is a Chief Technical Officer in a company of San Francisco. He daily gets up early at 5.0 o clock. He goes to bob hop airport through car, from where he reached to office through plane at 8.30. He came out of his company at 5.00 pm. he come back to home through air plane and it is his daily routine. His company has already situated in loss angle. Now daily he covers the distance of 600 kilometer. He pays the rent from 2 to 3 lakh monthly. Moreover he has secured a discount in the security check and boarding from the airport.



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