Accountability court to indict Nawaz Sharif on October 2

The Accountability court set a date for October 2 to indict Nawaz Sharif while excluding his application for exemption from the attendance. According to details, after the briefing of Nawaz Sharif in accountability court, NAB references were continued against him. During the hearing the judge’s accountability court judge, Justice Bashir set the date of October 2 to accuse Nawaz Sharif, the accountability court rejected the petition request from Nawaz Sharif’s attendance and ordered them to appear in court every time. During the hearing, Nawaz Sharif’s counsel Khawaja Harris said to judge Mohammad Bashir, “I think there is pressure on you.” Judge Muhammad Bashir said that it is not a matter of pressure, it has been given a time of 6 months, in which the case is to be lodged.


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