All the conflicts and complaints among the Salman and Sanjay Dutt have solved

The friendship among the Sanjay and Salman is so much popular. Salman is like the small brother of Sanjay dutt. After release from the Jail and complete the prison time many difference has created among the Salman and Sanjay. After release the Sanjay dutt Salman khan has also arranged the party. But Salman khan felt the reluctance to meet the Sanjay dutt. The main reason of this difference is Ranbir kapoor. However Sanjay dutt continued to deny from these stories and consider the salman khan to his younger brother. Salman and Sanay dutt meet to each other at the occasion of Hindu events. After meet the both actors the relation among both the actors has again resolved. The fans of both the actors are also so happy and satisfy.



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