Apple has revealed its latest augmented reality headset

After years of speculation, Apple has finally unveiled its foray into the realm of virtual and augmented reality headsets at WWDC 2023, introducing a product called Vision Pro.

The recently revealed Apple Vision Pro is a futuristic headset resembling ski goggles, equipped with numerous cameras and sensors. This advanced device offers users an immersive experience in virtual reality while seamlessly integrating augmented reality elements from the real world. Priced at $3,499, the Vision Pro is expected to be released in the early months of the following year.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the newly unveiled headset seamlessly combines the realms of the real world and the virtual world. This suggests that the Apple Vision Pro provides a smooth integration of augmented reality elements with the user’s physical surroundings, offering a cohesive and immersive experience. The Apple Vision Pro, referred to by Apple as a “spatial computer,” is equipped with two screens containing a total of 23 million pixels. The headset connects to a battery pack via a wire, which can be conveniently stored in a pocket. This battery pack can power up to two hours of usage. Similar to the digital crown on Apple Watches, there is a dial on the side of the headset that allows the wearer to adjust the level of immersion. The device is powered by Apple’s custom-designed M2 chip, alongside a new processor called R1, which enhances the realism of the user’s experiences.

Apple took a different approach with the Vision Pro headset by not solely focusing on its virtual world exploration or entertainment capabilities. Instead, Apple positioned the device as a comprehensive package that combines the functionalities of an ultrahigh-definition TV, a surround-sound system, a high-end camera, and a state-of-the-art camera, all integrated into a single hardware unit. By highlighting these diverse features, Apple aims to showcase the wide range of applications and experiences that can be achieved with the Vision Pro beyond traditional virtual reality usage.

Apple has announced iOS17, the upcoming version of its iPhone operating system, alongside the Vision Pro unveiling. The new features of iOS17 include “contact posters,” which allow users to have a picture or image of themselves appear on the recipient’s phone when they make a call. Another addition is “live voicemail,” which provides real-time transcriptions of voicemail messages and applies to audio messages sent through Apple Messages as well. Additionally, Apple has introduced Check-In, a system that automatically notifies a chosen friend or family member when the user arrives home. In case of significant delays in the user’s journey, Check-In can also inform others that the user has not reached home safely yet. iOS17 is set to be released in Autumn 2023. – BBC


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