Arab Emirates rulers will make mars on the ground to spend millions of dollars

Dubai: UAE rulers will spend $ 15 million and construct the new city in the Desert, which will like the mars. UAE government has inaugurated a new project. Which is called mars science city. The city area will be I million square feet and its environment is like the mars. Domes will also be built there. In this city no only common people will live but scientists will also live in this city. The scientist will found after to spend one year that how much water, food and energy will be needed for humans to live on mars. The UAE government plan that he get a place on mars in the next 100 years and settle down there population. For which it started the preparation. Dubai ruler said that we believe in discovering in the space. We want to meet the needs of human life on earth and to improve quality.  UAE has formulated the mars 2117 strategic plan.


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