Asif li Zardari is the master of thieves: Imran khan

Sukkur; PTI leader said that master of Sindh thieves is Asif ali Zardari , I will be treated with him like the God father Nawaz sharif. PTI leader Imran khan said that the time of the Pharaohs cruelly oppressed the people of Sindh, the world is moving forward. Sindh nation is remained behind. But now the golden era of Pakistani history is coming and you have to fight against Asif ali Zardar along with me. Because the Head of thieves is Asif ali zardari. Imran khan said that people defeat to a God father. Today he said that why people expel me. Few days later a pharaoh said that why you expel me. There is the difference among Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif because Asif ali Zaradri knows that why he was expel. PTI said that the main problem of is the double standard of Law. Mostly money has been sent out of the country that money should be spending on the people. Clean water is the major responsibility of the people. Farmer in Sindh take the water But the small farmer do not get the water.



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