At last, police arrest the Serial killer who has killed 27 women

Gujranwala: Such incidents are so much common in west. The murder cases by the hands of psychological and sexual patients are so much common in many countries. Everybody was shocked to read such type of incidents. Many books related to such crimes have also existed. There are many examples of serial killers are existed in Pakistan. There is serial killer in Gujranwala, which killed the 27 women and dozens injured.  According to police resources a good person became the ferocious. He started to kill the innocent people. The name of this accused person is Muhammad yousaf and belongs to Sialkot. According to investigation this man killed the 27 women. DSP Imran abbas said that women become easily target, accused person snatch some jewelry and money from the women and killed them. He killed a woman only for Just 10 rupees.


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