Cucumber is best treatment for sun stock and high blood pressure

LAHORE: Cucumber is the popular vegetable in the Pakistan and India, which has been cultivated in Asia and Africa for the thousands of days. According to cucumber has been cultivated from three years in western Asia. According to research it was introduced in china from 140 BC. Europeans were introduced from 1539. It’s gradually spread over the 19 centenaries. There are almost 30 examples of Cucumber. Cucumber is also so known for the salad. Cucumber is so benefit for cholesterol and blood pressures. It is the great natural gift for the people. It contains 90 percent of water, 10% potassium, calcium, fiber salts, and addictive ingredients, including Hayatin A, B and D.  A healthy person can digest it in three to four hours. Cucumber is also so much batter for the skin freshness and healthiness. You can remove the weakness from urine by the use of this.


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