Despite the restrictions and conflicts ‘Padmaavat “earn the 100 crore club

Despite from all the restrictions film Padmaavat did the business of 100 crore. Director sanjay leela bansali is banned from many states of India and even on the exposure of movie there was a lot of disaster throughout the India. Despite the conflicts and restrictions in many states, the movie ‘Padmaavat’ has made money in India and surprised everyone by trading more than 100 crores during 5 days of exhibition. The film has earned Rs.15 crore in the first day of exhibition in India, 19 crores on the second day, 32 crores, third day 27 crores and Rs 31 crore for the fifth day. Film padmaavat did the business overall the country and earn more than 50 crore. In the film ‘Padmaavat’, deepika Padikon, Shahid Kapoor and Ranvir Singh have played the main role.



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