Do not show the eyes to Supreme court: Sheikh Rasheed

Rawalpindi: Sheikh rasheed said that whole nation is with Supreme Court on the case of panama case. Nobody can raise the voice against the Supreme Court. Sheikh Rashid said that today ruler of Pakistan is wealthy. Only that person can rule which has the money. Our children do not have the ID card in the age of 18 years but children of rulers become the owner of billions in the age of 18 years. He said that N league is also involved in case of money laundering. This group of thieves, robbers shows the eyes to Supreme Court. Supreme Court is the soul support to people after Allah. Sheikh Rashid said that Nawaz sharif gave the false documents to Supreme Court and the Qatari prince did not confirm his letter. The next 4 to 5 weeks are so important for the politicians. Panama case hearing will start from Monday. If the Supreme Court gave the punishment to politicians then next time nobody can do the corruption.


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