Dryer and sea-powered electric jeep

Paris: You will see the electrical jeep which is running on dry water and sea in movies, but now in fact, such electronic jeep has made, which has the ability to travel in the water like the boat within in few seconds. French company has developed the electrical model of this vehicle.  This jeep is like the open jeep and can be used as a see boat. Four wall engine of 400 cc has been installed in the four wheel vehicle and its weight is only 440 gram. It means it is so light weight and high speed jeep. It requires only few second to move from water to dry. It only takes few second to go to water and come back to dry again. The maximum speed of this jeep on road is 90 kilometer. But when it comes into water it makes like a boat which speed is 13 hours per kilometer.  The entire structure of this jeep is made with aluminum and it has also foam that saves this jeep drowning and keeps the vehicle safe.


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