Get all the banking documents, captain Imran khan’s claim to complete the money trail

ISLAMABAD: Imran claims to complete money trail and get all the banking documents, including flats and counting payments the record will be presented in to the court soon. Imran khan said in to his twitter message that my money trail is complete. PTI leader challenged to the other politicians like Nawaz sharif and others that they bring the money trail like him and show the financial transparency. He said that I have shown my all assets records in front of public. Imran khan said that I have presented myself in front of nation for the accountability. Sharif family has exposed before to nation today. Imran khan also twitted a letter that former director of Kerry Packer informed to Imran khan through Email. Ahmed Noorani gets the advantage from it. Austin Robinson informed that told to person through written and oral that Imran khan has a three years contact with Kerry packer.


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