Hamid Mir define the future strategy of PML (N)

Speaking at a private TV channel, well-known and senior journalist Hamid Mir said, “What is Nawaz Sharif after March?” Because it does not end here March. He said that as far as Nawaz Sharif has spoken, it is clear that he was making the target judiciary in the appointment. He said that he believes that for the revised appeal in the Supreme Court, he wished to hear the Supreme Court’s full bench, after which he might likely return. Hamid Mir said that Nawaz Sharif’s march will not end due to reaching Lahore. After that will go to other provinces, including Azad Kashmir, which will benefit from the avoidance of any trials in NAB, but if there is any problem in the system, the loss of this error is not only Nawaz Sharif. But also the whole country.


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