Identify the Cancer with in just 10 seconds

Austin, Texas: In view of this device, it looks like a pen, but with this, cancer can be identified only in 10 seconds. It has been developed by experts of University of Texas Austin. The device is named The MasSpec Pen, whereas the results of medical tests have been published in the latest issue of “Science Transitional Medicine” research. These details indicate that this device can diagnose cancer with 96% accuracy, and it requires limited time period to excluding the cancer tumor. Many times require in such type of operations. Cancer can be diagnosing easily by the use of this device. This pen is already associated with a special tool “Mass Spectrometer. However this pen is so small and less expensive, it depends on the mass spectrometer, which is especially expensive and big in size. If it is available in its original position then it will be so expensive. Experts are trying to reduce the price of this device but it is so early to say that how many times is require doing so.


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