India plans to stop the water of River jehlum

Lahore: Pakistan is waiting to start the trial against the objectionable design of controversial Kishanganga dam in World Bank. On the other hand India has started to produce the 110 MW from the kishanganga power plant situated at the Jhelum River which is occupied by the Pakistan. According to Dunya news he lake of Kishan Ganga power plant was filled up to the dead storage level in November last year, after which out of three to run one turbine of 110 MW produce the electricity, which is still continuing. According to resources PM narendra Modi can also regular opening of this power House this year. In 2013 World Bank gave the decision in the favor of India. India lawyer convinced the court to accept this prove that kishanganga project has started before the Neelum Jhelum power plant of Pakistan.  According to sources Pakistan executive committee national economic council approved the neelum power plant in March 2002 but planning commission of India gave the approval of kishanganga power plant in 2004. In this way Pakistan power house is older than the Indian power plant.



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