“Internet Suspension in Pakistan: Revenue Loss Hits Telcos Hard”

In a surprising move, the government of Pakistan recently implemented a temporary suspension of social media and internet services throughout the country. This decision has sparked widespread debates and discussions regarding its implications for freedom of speech, communication, and the overall impact on society.

The suspension of mobile networks in Pakistan has resulted in substantial revenue losses for telecommunication companies (telcos) operating in the country

Major cities in Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and others, experienced a significant disruption in mobile internet services. The outage affected various mobile network operators, leading to an inability to access the internet via mobile devices. The disruption left millions of people without reliable internet connectivity, hindering their ability to access information, communicate, and conduct online activities.

The disruption of mobile internet services in major cities across Pakistan has created challenges for individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and public services. It underscores the significance of reliable and uninterrupted internet connectivity in today’s digitally-driven society.

Following the suspension of mobile network services in Pakistan, telcos have experienced a significant revenue loss amounting to approximately Rs 820 million. The suspension disrupted regular operations, causing a temporary halt in services such as voice calls, data usage, and mobile internet access. With millions of users unable to utilize mobile services during the suspension period, telcos faced a substantial decline in their revenue streams.




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