Iraq and Saudi Arabia agree to exchange intelligence information

The agreement between Iraq and Saudi Arabia was signed between the anti-terror agreement. According to foreign media, Saudi Arabia’s Chief of Staff Gen. Abdul Rahman Saleh al-Bunyan and his Iraqi counterpart Usman al-Ghanmi addressed a joint press conference after meeting in Baghdad. General Al-Ghanmi said that both the countries have made an agreement to exchange intelligence information, promoting mutual cooperation under anti-terrorism.Apart from this, it has also been decided to open a long-term passenger route to transport between the two countries. So that pilgrims should be allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia to pay for Hajj pilgrims. The Saudi Chief of Staff General Saleh al-Bunyan highlighted the importance of the exchange agreement between the two countries. The agreement between Iraq and Saudi Arabia is a major step in the fight against terrorism, he said. He emphasized the need to make security of the boundaries of the two countries a fool-proof.


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