Khawja Asif took 50,000 Dhirham Salary monthly

KARACHI: Defense Minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif contract with Dubai Company has also came into front according to which it revealed that Khawaja asif received the 50,000 salary monthly. According to a TV, the federal minister’s defense water and power Khawaja Muhammad Asif iqama and contract letter with Dubai Company came into front, in which sensational revelations have also appeared.  According to contract letter Khawaja Asif is working in a Dubai Company as a management consultant, from which he get the 50,000 Dhirham monthly.  Initial and expiray date is register in iqama of Minister khawaja Asif. The company name is international mechanical and electrical. Election Commission and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) have already received the information about the salaries. He said that I have been getting all the money from the banking channel since 1983.



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