Khursheed Shah also reached the Supreme Court for the first time of the Panama case

Khursheed Shah, leader of the PPP, reached the Supreme Court hearing the hearing of the Panama case for the first time. The PPP’s full-fledged partnership in the Danial Aziz Supreme Court resolved. According to media reports, Khursheed Shah, other leaders, Qamar Zaman Kaira and Faisal Karim Kandi, reached the Supreme Court during the hearing of the Panama case. On this occasion, he was also strangled with the leader Abid Sher Ali. Khursheed Shah said that more things went to JIT and I advised Nawaz Sharif not to open the case further, which would harm them. He said that why politicians are only accountable, now there should be credentials of Journalists, Bureau of Courts and judges. He added that in these circumstances Nawaz Sharif has the only way he should resign.


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