Loneliness increase the risk of death rate

Utah: Psychiatrists said that feeling of isolation should not be ignored because now this disease has become the deadly disease. This disease of mental illness is so dangerous than the fatness. According to experts those people who live isolate the chances of dead has increased in those people because they live alone and they want to spend the life alone. The death rate has increased in those people who live alone as compared to those people who spend their life in social relation. According to estimate still almost 45 years old or more than 45 years old almost 4 crore 26 lakh people live alone and the face the lonely. The main reason of it their temperament or their isolation in the Society. In other words it can be said that isolation feelings is so dangerous and world deadly disease. Fatness is not the big disease in front of this. Experts said that we could not ignore this isolation feelings and social separation as unnecessary. We need to solve it properly.



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