Mahira khan is so beautiful and charming actress: Ranbir kapoor

Mumbai; chocolate hero Ranbir kapoor told about the Mahira khan that she is very beautiful and charming actress. Recently Mahira khan has been awarded by two awards in Beirut international festivals due to her beautiful face features. Mahira khan is so famous actress not only in Pakistan or India but at the international level. Ranbir kapoor is also like the mahira khan.  During the promotion of film Jaga jasoos Ranbir kapoor gave the fascinating answers to the different questions of media. During the interview when ask a question to Ranbir khan that who is the most beautiful actress of Bollywood? He also took the name of Mahir khan with shraddha kapoor and alia butt. He said that mahira khan is so beautiful actress. It means Ranbir kapoor also like the Mahira khan. He did not take the name of Katrina kaif. It is clear that three months ago, in the Global Teacher Prize event held in Dubai, Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan were invited as a guest, where the picture of both the actress has become the source of attention for all the people.


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