Maldives suspend trade ties with Myanmar

Maldives disconnect the trade ties with Myanmar to see the depressive situation in Rohingya Muslims. Foreign Minister issued a press release in which it is said that Maldives have many reservations on the killing, massacre and migration of people of Rohingya Muslims. It has issued in the press release that Maldives government decided to disconnect the all trade relation with the Myanmar till the Myanmar government will not to prevent the massacre in Myanmar. Maldives demanded to the UN Security Council and Human rights council to take the notice of the protest and their rights of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Different countries are also express their point of view related this against the Massacres of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Turkey and Bangladesh also condemned the massacres of Rohingya Muslims demanding from the UN to take the action against this situation. Apart from it, after the crackdown of security forces in October last year, 87 thousand people had moved to Bangladesh





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