Maryam Nawaz hidden the assets, stolen the Tax: JIT

Islamabad: JIT report has been informed about the Nawaz sharif daughter that she has submitting income tax returns in 1991-92. Assets of Maryam safdar have increased during the decade of 90. But the sources of this income have not showed. The report further states that analysis of Maryam Nawaz financial details of assets and FBR record shows that it is contradictory. I think N league wants to hide their assets. Maryam Nawaz told about her car BMW that United Arab Emirates was given her this car in gift. Maryam safdar said that she paid the custom duty herself, whereas there is not such obvious income. The price of this car has shown in her wealth statement has shown almost 28 million. When show the wealth statement in the next year then at that time car price was different. At this time Safdar mention the car price six million and he said that this car was remained into his custody by 2016. According to report they did not shown the sources of Income.


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