Mohsin Khan supported to the harsh punishment to rescue from the Match fixing scandal

Lahore: former test cricketer Mohsin khan said that PSL scandal does not have to be ashamed if follow the recommendations of Justice Qayyum on the match fixing. No player and government officials is most important then the respect of the country. Former Test cricketer Mohsin Khan supported the harsh punishments to rescue from the fixing scandal. During an interview he said that if the recommendations of Justice Qayyum report were implemented, then today we do not have to face the shame of the PSL scandal. The country’s talent also avoids being lost, a father makes the policy for maintaining honor and residence. This role should be performed by PCB in cricket. Former cricketer said that this impression is spread because fixing scandal does not take serious. Normally match fixing scandal cricketers face some punishment and embarrassment and after that they usually select to play the international cricket. Even a Pakistani should not destroy the name of the country. We should not accept the apologize of any person who is involve in match fixing scandal.


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