Nawaz Sharif children and son in law also challenging the decision of Panama case

Islamabad; former PM sons Hassan and Hussein Nawaz challenged the decision of the panama case. Both are challenging the decision of the panama case in Supreme Court. Hassan, Hussein Maryam and captain Safdar filed the two petitions against the decision of five member bench. They filed the petition in the court against the Supreme Court and other petition file against the 3 member bench. They said in to the petition that the fair trail and rights of appeal have resolved by the Judiciary verdict, JIT investigation against the allegation of Justice. There is not any proving or allegation of the London flats against the Captain Safdar. Court gave the order for the reference against the Captain Safdar. Applicant said that rights affected by giving the time bound direction to the trail court. No order can be given to file the reference on the uncompleted investigation of JIT. The verdict of 28 July will be suspended.


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