Nawaz Sharif confessed his Uncle after two and a half hours

Islamabad: according to JIT report statement of PM Nawaz Nawaz Sharif’s Gulf Steel Mills could not confirm in national assembly. PM confirmed his Uncle after two and a half hours. PM was constantly (avoiding) to giving the answers regarding Gulf steel mills. He said that he did not know the Mohammad Husain Nawaz and moreover he has no any partnership in steel mills. After the Two and half hour he accepted that he knew Muhammad Husain and he has a relation with him. According to report PM said about the steel mills in national assembly at 16 may 2016 that when arrived in Dubai business point of view at that time his father established a steel mill which contained the 10 lakh square. This factory was sold in 33.37 million Dharham or 9 million dollar. While PM gave a different statement in JIT that Gulf Steel mills was setup by getting the debts. I have never been owner of this mill nor did I get any financial benefit from it. I did not give any explanation any detail about this steel mill. According to report there are the contradictions between the PM statements.


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