Oil Tanker Association announces to end the strike

Karachi: after successful talks with the government Oil tankers Association has announced to end the strike which is ongoing from 3 days. According to express news the second round of negotiation between the officials of petroleum and Oil tankers association was remain successful. Oil tankers Association announced to end strike after the Government showed the demand for exemption for oil tankers’ expenses and resolving all the problems in 15 days. Oil tankers association chief said to media that the behavior of petroleum minister was remain good during the negotiation. He accepted our demands on which we decided to end the strike. Government is responsible for all the problems. We have called on 20 July for strike but we postponed it till 24 July. Due to the strike of oil tankers association in Faisalabad, petrol deficit was increased in the city, where petroleum is not available at the petrol pumps. Petrol prices have so much expensive due to strike. The petrol stations are also filling due to rush at the Quetta. Petrol owners said that if the supply is not start then the storage petrol will also be finished. Petrol supply also shortage in Skardu. Public transports are also stopped in Baltistan division.


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