Oklahoma teachers spending their own money on classroom supplies

Oklahoma is known for teachers bearing the cost of school supplies for their classes. Even in good budget years, Oklahoma teachers have absorbed the fact that despite relatively low salaries, they will have to spend hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets to furnish supplies for their classrooms.

At many private companies and state agencies, basic stationery supplies like paper, pens, scissors, and notepads are bought by the employer himself for the staff members

Of course, not all items that teachers purchase are technically obligatory,but teachers are of the view that necessary essentials are not enough to foster learning – they must go above and beyond to develop creativity in their students. These can be art drawings or any extra activity which can shape their mind.

Despite of the low earning, money is no object for the Oklahoma teachers in front of their students. That’s why they are investing money on their students without any regret. Vince Facione, a history teacher at Tulsa’s Will Rogers High School, was expecting to spend at least $300 before the first day of school. He gave each of his 190 students a three-ring binder. Similarly an elementary music teacher Tony Flores has set his budget entirely on music for three performances, spending $1000 last year for buying new musical instruments.

According to a national 2015 survey more than 500 teachers spend an average of $490 of their own money on their classrooms. Each received an average $300 from their school.

Teachers were asked on social media that how much were the spending on school supplies.

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