On the failure of the film, fans demand money from Shahrukh Khan

Mumbai: After the failure of the film released “Harry Mate Sajal”, Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma’s recently released film, the fans demanded money from Shahrukh Khan. There was a time when Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan’s movies break all the records and earn so much money. But in these days the time of Bollywood khans was spending very bad. Before it Salman khan movie was flapped but now Shahrukh khan movie was flapped. Even the fans are so disappointed with the film and they ask the external affairs minister to return his money. A person did the message on twitter to External affairs that Mam, I am watching the movie JAB harry met sejal this movie is so boring please help me. The filmy career of both the actor’s salman and Shahrukh khan has facing the difficulties. This movie has only done the business of 52 million 90 lakh business in 5 days, which is the lowest business in this year.


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