Panama case, the investigative team will submit the final report today

Islamabad; JIT has completed the investigation regarding 13 questions given by Supreme Court. The final report will be submitted today in Supreme Court. All the people are waiting for final decision. This report will be determining the political future of Prime Minister Nawaz sharif. The Supreme Court’s three-member bench, headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal, will hear this case today. JIT will present the final investigation report to bench. According to sources, report is contained on more than 500 pages. Court can also give the short order after reviewing and analyzing this report. Moreover court can refer this matter to chief justice that whether he makes a new bench or old bench will discuss the matter. JIT started the work in 8 may 2017. Different politicians like PM, CM, daughter of PM, and his sons and many other political personalities were presented before the JIT and all the members recorded their statement to JIT. Moreover many officers who are linked with Hudaibiya paper mills have also included in this case. JIT wrote the three letters to Qatari prince while Qatari prince wrote the 4 letters to JIT. JIT offered him to come to Pakistani embassy. JIT presented its report within 60 days, which will present today. Almost 60 sessions have completed of JIT. JIT have to submit its report in 60 days. According to sources JIT security has been increased. Security officers will be deployed outside and inside of the Supreme Court. Almost 4 hundreds rangers and federal police officers would be deployed inside and outside of the court.


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