Plane carrying Afghan vice president Abdul Rashid Dostum denied landing

The Afghan government’s deputy president Rashid Dostum was not permitted to enter Mazar-e-Sharif, after which his plane was shifted to Turkmenistan, According to the Media reports, Rashid Dostum, two months ago, had escaped in a private plane with Turkish engineers and went to Turkey for two months. Rasheed Dostum returned to a private plane last night, but his plane was not allowed to enter Mazar-e Sharif airport. NATO spokesman Bill Salon confirmed in Afghanistan that he was requested to help him get to the plane. NATO spokesman in Afghanistan said he does not intervene in the country’s political affairs and it is the internal political matter of the country and will not interfere with it. NATO officials said that NATO’s mission in Afghanistan is the turbulence, support and consultation of Afghan security forces and they are paying attention to it.


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