Relief package announced for Kashmiri families affected by Indian aggression

Relief package announced for Kashmiri families affected by Indian aggression

A relief package has been announced for Kashmiri families affected by Indian aggression. The Board of Revenue has also issued a notification. According to the details, under the notification, the heirs of the martyrs who were martyred in the shelling on the Line of Control by India from July 1, 2016 will be given a monthly reward of Rs 3,000 each.

It has been reported that the recipients of the award include the widow of the martyr, minor daughters and sisters, divorced sisters, as well as the daughters or sisters of the martyr who have been living in his house due to dispute after marriage. Parents, brothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, orphans, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the martyrs up to the age of 25 will also be honored. In case of martyrdom of a widow or divorcee, his dependents will also be honored. They will be entitled to the award.

According to the notification, a certificate from hospitals, certification by Pakistan Army, proof of sponsorship and testimony of two area dignitaries will be required to receive the award. On the other hand, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar inaugurated the Brave Elderly Program. Under the Brave Elderly Program, people of 65 years and above will be given Rs. 6,000 every 3 months in the form of social pension. An initial fund of Rs. 2 billion has been allocated for the program. Registration for the program will start from November 23, 2020 and will continue for three months.

On this occasion, Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Bazdar said that the program will be the economic rehabilitation of deserving senior citizens, the focus of all government policies is the rehabilitation of the backward class, we are moving towards the fulfillment of the dream of the state of Madinah. There is a milestone towards Medina.


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