Russia President says U.S. will have to cut 755 from diplomatic staff in Russia

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has announced that after the new US sanctions on Moscow, 755 members of US diplomatic missions staff will have to leave the mandatory country. According to the US TV, what the Russian President decided to withdraw from the country on Friday, but now confirming the number, the US staff will have to leave the mandatory country by September 1st. After the departure of 755 members, the number of US staff members in Moscow will be 455. As many Russian are currently deployed in Washington. At present, it is the biggest disadvantage of embassies at any time from the country. Russian President also confirmed reconciliation with the American staff’s confirmation of the country, saying that he does not want to take further measures but is not seeing any changes in relation to the change. President Putin told Russian TV that more than a thousand people were working in the US embassy and consulate and 775 people would have to abandon their own necessary activities in Russia. He said that the establishment of a special zones in the south of Syria is an example of solid results in working together.


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