Sajal Ali became a threat for Katrina and depika padukone


Mumbai: Beautiful and charming Pakistani actress, Sajal Ali, became a threat for Indian actress Katrina kaif and depika padukone. After the first movie of sajal ali MOM now India media has started to compare the Barbie Katrina kaif and dimple girl depika padukone. According to India media Sajal ali can became the threat for the other actress. She did the excellent performance in her movie MOM. ALL Indian actress and actors are highly appreciated to the acting of Sajal Ali. She performed the role of oppressed girl in a beautiful way. Indian actors are also become the fans of her acting. Due to her beauty and best acting she has become the threat for Indian actress. Film MOM story is based on teenager girl and her mother is doing the efforts to revenge of her daughter. People has become the fans of this movie due to the best acting of Sri devi, Sajal al and adnan siddique. It is clear that Sajal ali is known as stylish actress. She did the excellent acting in Pakistani movie Zindgi kitni haseen hai. Sajal ali said that she never thought that she would go to India for movie. It was like a dream for her. She said that if some offer to do something in future then she definitely do it.


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