Saudi King Shah Salman decided to leave the throne

Saudi King Shah Salman decided to move his son to the kingdom, claiming foreign news agency. According to the claim, among the Saudi diplomatic authorities and other Arab authorities, there are speculative ideas that Shah Salman is ready to be entitled to his son. Reuters has quoted sources of royal palace that King Shah Salman has recorded a video statement this month. In which he might possibly see announcing the transfer of his son to the throne that can be run at any time. It is clear that the son of Shah Salman, Muhammad bin Salman, was appointed as deputy guardian after the death of Prince Mohammed bin Naif as the Verdict covenant. Reuters says that the reason for the extortion of Muhammad bin Naveed is the use of pain in the disease and the use of safe medicine, due to which he has been appointed as a guardian after the appointment of Mohammad bin Salman as the Verdict covenant.


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