Shahrukh, Salman and Akshay most earnest actors in the world

New York: US journal Forbes released the annual list of actors earning the most money in which three Bollywood actors make their place in the list. The names of these actors are Shahrukh, Salman and akshay. These three super stars make the list in top 10. Amir Khan has fall to make his place in top 10. The main reason of it that Amir khan does only one film during one year. According to the report Shahrukh khan has the 8 position in this list. Salman khan has the 9 position in this list and earn 3 crore 70 Lakh. Aksahy kumar has the 10 position in this list. Amir Khan does not make the place in this list however he is also performed well in the movies. The best Hollywood actor is Mark which income is 6 crore 80 Lakh and this income is 79 percent increase then Shahrukh khan.



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