Sindh High Court asks Sindh minister to record statement with NAB

The Sindh High Court on Monday directed Sindh Law Minister Ziaul Hasan Lanjar to record statement with National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in ongoing investigation against him on corruption charges. On Monday, Sindh High Court heard the petition filed by provincial law and jail Ziaul-Hasan Lanjar, Agha of the Sindh High Court’s Justice hearing the case. During the hearing, the NAB prosecutor said in his statement against the court that there were serious allegations of corruption against Ziaul Lanjar, but they were asked to record the statement, but they are not presenting nor are they cooperating in the investigation. The judge, Agha, headed by Ziaul Lanjar, said that the bail will be canceled if you do not cooperate with NAB. The court ordered the Ziaul Lanjar to go to the NAB and record the statement in NAB for three weeks, and the hearing adjourned till September 5.


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