Spot fixing, hearing complete in the sharjeel Khan case

The hearing of spot fixing scandal Sharjeel khan case has completed in the tribunal. Opposition presented the final arguments; oppositions will submit the written arguments on which the Tribunal will hear its verdict after 30 days. Sharjeel khan lawyer talking to media said we are satisfied that we have given the better arguments, there is no complaint with the PCB lawyers, and we have proved that our case is strong.  They said that Salman naseer and umer amen recorded their statement in the tribunal after the after reading the statement of Colonel (R) . The coach of Islamabad united said that most important thing is that strike rate was better, was it necessary to play unnecessary shot? Ijaz said that we have admitted that PCB officials have failed to inform PCB. After the decision came to know which party challenged. The preceding has completed and tribunal submits the arguments till 29 July. They said that verdict is based on facts. According to tribunal the 2 dots of balls were no played on merit and were played under planning.


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