Storage pods for the husbands in the shopping center

Shanghai: A shopping center in China has presented a funny feature for women who are coming for shopping, Pakistani shopping centers and super stores should also think about it. According to the Chinese website, “The paper”, a “Global Harbor Shopping Center” located in Shanghai, has been made as ‘comfortable rooms’ for the husbands where there are small glass pods. If the women want then they can leave their husbands in these small glass pods for a while and can take them back after completing the shopping.  Shopping center administration says that mostly women take too much time to shopping and husbands are usually bored walking with them throughout the time, for this purpose a relaxing room has been arranged for husbands. Husbands can enjoy the video games. These glass pods are so small, with walls also made of transparent glasses. There is a chair and a video game inside this small room.


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